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Our Internet service is currently available in these areas:

  • Virginia City Highlands

  • Moundhouse, Dayton, Stagecoach, Silver Springs

  • Yerington, Mason Valley, Smith Valley

  • Reno, Sparks

To sign up for new service, complete our online application

Please NOTE: There is a $15.00 application fee and if approved, it will be refunded on your initial invoice.

Why choose Highlands Wireless?

It’s fast - just sit down at your computer and start surfing! It's aways on! No logging on, no CD or software is loaded on your computer.

Flip through Web pages like turning the pages of a book.

Download large files in minutes, not hours!

Enjoy fast Internet music and video downloads.

Great for Internet Gaming - low latency connection - MUCH better than satellite!

Compatible with Windows®, Mac®, and Linux operating systems.

Free up your phone, no missed calls, no dialing up, no modem - no phone line needed!

Need an extra phone line? Voice over IP (VoIP) is available through this service.